Thursday, July 16, 2009

Does a bear .... in the wood? YES, THEY ALSO LIVE THERE!

Ok, I've got a serious concern for people lately, and here's why. I watched "The Grizzly Man" the other day on Animal Planet, and after laughing so hard I nearly puked, (no honey, those weren't sympathy pukes), I came to a realization that some people really are mentally retarded. If you haven't seen The Grizzly Man, I strongly recommend it. It's a story of Timothy Treadwell's attempt to live with the grizzly bears in Alaska. If you can't predict the ending of the documentary from reading my previous sentence, you may want to stop reading here. I realize the show is a couple years old, but SPOILER ALERT!! HE GETS EATEN BY A GRIZZLY BEAR!! That's right folks, the Grizzly Man became one with a grizzly, or at least the bear's teeth, and later on, his other end too. I realize I'm being harsh, but come on. What did he expect? Did he think they'd let him ride on their back, share a fresh killed salmon, and maybe cuddle in a cave? The saddest part is he dragged his girlfriend along and she ended up suffering the same fate. Don't get me wrong, the footage this guy had was unbelievable. He got very close, too close apparently, to some phenomenal creatures, and shot some great footage of fights, feeding, and other activities. His problem was that he forgot to take the most important piece of camping equipment with him, common sense.
I enjoy watching wildlife quite a bit. One of my main reasons for hunting is for the chance to get out and see the animals in their natural world/habitat. I've followed elk, seen bears, yes in Utah, and seen numerous other animals and it's incredible. I highly recommend it, but only for people who don't ride the short bus to work every day. Have some common sense. Bears live in the woods, our camps are in the woods, so guess whats bound to happen. Don't be the guy that ends up a statistic of some freak occurrence, but instead be the guy that is prepared and knows how to deal with small situations before they become freak occurrences.

"Watt's" in a name?

IT'S A GIRL! After much debating on whether or not to find out the gender of our soon to arrive little one, we found out it's a little girl. Britt has been saying from day 1 that she thought it was a girl, and sure enough, mom was right. She is very healthy and is growing extremely fast, we couldn't ask for more. From what I'd always heard, women were only sick for the first few weeks, than instead of being sick, they had cravings for sick things, like pickle juice, pigs feet, etc. Well, apparently Britt is making up all the sick time all you other gals skipped over. She has had a rough go of things, puking spontaneously with no warning, enduring long stretches of heart burn, and seeing herself literally grow out of her wardrob. Either way, she's a trooper and is hanging in there, I couldn't be more proud. On top of enduring all of this, she graduated from Weber State, and passed her boards! She is now an RN. Congratulations sweetheart!

Now to explain the clever title of this post. We are still working names for our little one. So far, the names I like have been used by her cousins and the many kids they have, so I'm SOL on those. Feel free to send over any suggestions as we have 'till November to make a final decision.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not going to win any awards...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get that we haven't posted anything in quite a while, and I'm sorry..sort of. We've been super busy in the Watt household with me putting in the yard and working around the house, Britt cleaning, puking, preparing for the Nclex, puking some more, and Brylie...well whatever it is she does, she does it at 100 mph so I can't imagine she has much free time either. We are also preparing for the arrival of the newest member of our family. Thats right! For those of you who haven't heard, Britt is pregnant! Now despite some of the comments made, "Rocky can't keep his hands off her", "Britt isn't a very good goalie", "Oops!", "They know what causes that", etc, this was actually planned. Britt was having a bit of a hard time leaving cheer and was seriously debating going back. We decided to give the whole prego thing a try for a month, and well....yahtzee! Apparently it was meant to be. While few things scare me in life, I must say that being a dad is somewhat nerve racking. Oh, and that new Juggalo gang, they scare me too, have you seen anything scarier than a bunch of scrawny little boys wearing their sisters pants? Moving along, we are very excited, and while November seems so very far away, I'm sure it will be here long before we are ready. Thank you to everyone who has expressed sorrow for my "life coming to an end". Don't you guys worry, I can throw the little one, boy or girl, into the kangaroo pouch and still cast a fly line with no problem. That or just leave them at home with Britt =).

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ghosts in Our House

So lately Britt and I have noticed a few things going missing from our kitchen. A couple weeks ago, the cheese I had been cutting up disappeared, a few days later, a whole package of hot dog buns. For a minute, I was thinking Brylie was sneaking off with stuff to make her own "gwill cheese sammiches", but she assured me she was not to blame. As Britt and I sat pointing fingers at ghosts, gremlins, and possibly Chucky, I noticed our new friend Zoe is almost as tall as the counter and has easy access and a great nose for sniffing out food. Last Sunday Britt and I decided to test out our new theory by leaving some more hot dog buns on the counter. Sure enough, we got home, no hot dog buns, but at least this time she left the wrapper on the floor. As soon as I picked up the wrapper, she bolted for her kennel and piled into the very back of it to try and hide. I think Ghosts would have been more fun, but props to Zoe for fooling us for so long. She really is a fun dog.

PS--Thats not us lynching Zoe for theft, but rather Brylie putting her princess veil on her then tying balloons to it. Zoe would probably have preferred a noose, but she's a great dog and plays very well with Bry.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

4 Going On 15...

Little Brylie boo had her 4th birthday this past week. First off, I've got to say that this kid cleaned up like nobody I've ever seen at a birthday party. 16 people and twice that in presents, she couldn't have asked for more. Britt and I got her a bike, some clothes, and a couple more barbies (adding to the other 10,000 barbies in our house). The rest of the family that came pretty much chipped in and bought her Toys R Us. We all had a lot of fun and she had a great birthday! Thanks to all family and friends that came over.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

You aren't a man if you don't look once...

We all know how it goes. You marry the girl of your dreams, settle down, start a family, buy a home, put in the backyard, bla bla bla. The next thing you know, you're looking at websites with pictures of females in very sensual poses thinking of the saying "you aren't a man if you don't look once". You find you're self wondering what it would be like to succumb to temptation and go meet that girl. Well my friends, I gave in to temptation and decided to act on my feelings of want and meet the newest female in the Watt household (Gizmo and I are now outnumbered 3 to 1.5). Her name is Zoe. Britt isn't her biggest fan, but now she has somebody to compete with and has stopped wearing those "hot" flannel pj's to bed (yes!). Here are some pictures of our new lady friend, enjoy!

She does have some downsides. Like any female, she always wants constant attention, she leaves little black hairs all over, she squats to pee, she chases balls, and she hogs the bed. She can catch a frisbee out of mid-air though, which makes up for all bad stuff. Gizmo isn't her biggest fan, he stuck his head in the snow when he met her. Brylie still hasn't decided if we bought her a dog or if Zoe is really a pony (she tries to ride her like a horse). Either way, she's a great dog and we're really glad to have her.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Up on the house top......

So I guess it has been two weeks since we have posted anything.... Where does the time go! We have been very busy getting ready for Santa to come to our house. Brylie walks around the house singing Jingle Bells, sings here comes Santa in the car, pretty much sings everywhere so that Santa will hear her and bring lots of presents. She has been trying extra hard to be a good girl (we tell her Santa's Elf's are watching and we have even gone as far as calling Santa) and she is doing a good job. Gizmo is even trying to be good!

Brylie decorated our first Watt family Christmas tree, didn't she do a good job! Rocky HATES our star because it makes our tree tip and he has to fix it and I guess that is not an easy thing to do, so if you come to our house there is a pretty good chance our tree will be tipping. We also took Brylie to the Layton lights. She loved walking around looking at all the animals. She is getting to the stage where she likes to make funny faces when taking pictures so that explanes her face. She is still in dance and tumbling and loves it. Rocky and I just finished one more semester of school and I only have ONE more left until I am an RN (YAHOOOOOOOO). Basically that is all we have been doing, sorry for the late blog. We hope everyone is having a happy Holiday Season!